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Full Mount Taxidermy In Abilene, TX

Now that you’ve finally captured that elusive wild game, you want to preserve your memories of that hunt forever. Rustic Oaks Ranch Taxidermy is here to help. With our attention to detail, precision, and respect for the natural world, we will make your trophy look just as good as it did in life.

We offer a wide array of mounts for you to choose from, from life size taxidermy to European mount taxidermy, as well as options for rugs and hides. Read below to learn more about the mounts available, and see our pricing page for species-specific prices. If you have questions for our taxidermy shop or if you would like to arrange for a consultation, please call us today! We proudly offer our taxidermy services to the Abilene, TX area. 
Life Size Taxidermy
Life size taxidermy is the ultimate expression of our art. Using our own extensive knowledge of animal anatomy and your trophy, we make your animal look just as it did in the wild. This can include a base that looks as if it was taken from nature for the ultimate realistic experience.

We’ll consult closely with you to determine just how you want your trophy to look. Depending on where you want to put it and how you want to remember your hunt, we can design the trophy and mount to fit seamlessly into your office, man cave, or even living room. With our help, you’ll have a beautiful mount that will help you remember your hunt for a lifetime, and that can even be handed down to generations to come.

Life Size, Shoulder Mounts

Shoulder mounts are one of the more traditional mounts. We take the head and shoulders of the animal and mount it to a special taxidermy plaque. We use state-of-the-art materials and the latest scientific knowledge to make the animal look as lifelike as possible. We’ll also work with you to choose a plaque that will blend well with the décor in whatever room you wish to place the finished results.

European Mount Taxidermy

Also known as deer skull mount taxidermy, European mount taxidermy consists of using just the skull of an animal, plus the horns or antlers if the animal had them. This is one of the least expensive mounts, but the results can be every bit as stunning as shoulder or life size taxidermy. We can work with you to determine just what you’re looking for in your mount, and if you like, we can tan the hide of the animal or use it to create a rug.
Fish, Snakes, and Birds
In addition to large mammals and exotic animal taxidermy, we can also preserve fish, snakes, and birds. We can create the same realistic, lifelike mounts for snakes and birds that we create for larger animals. It all depends on what sort of results you want and how you want to show off your trophy.
Rugs and Hides
If you don’t have the room for a shoulder or life size taxidermy, creating a rug or tanning the hide of the animal can be a great way to remember your hunt. We work carefully with each hide to preserve its natural beauty and ensure it lasts a lifetime. Whether you want to display the tanned hide on your wall or throw a real bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, we know you’ll love our results.
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